1) अग्निवीर के लिए यूवाओ को किया जा रहा प्रशिक्षित

2) Baisakhi Festival

Baisakhi is one of the notable festivals of the Hindu-Sikh community. Around the 13th and 14th of April every year the Baisakhi festival is celebrated in India, with great fervour, in the state of Punjab. It is celebrated on the 13th of April in most years, and is celebrated on the 14th of April only once in 36 years. It is known to be one of the most important festivals in Punjab and Haryana. It is popular in different names in different regions of the country. For example, in Assam it is called Rongali Bihu, in West Bengal it is called Poila Baisakh, in Bihar, it is known as Vaisakha, in Kerala Vishu, and in Tamil Nadu, it’s called Puthandu. 

Our country is an agricultural country. The economy of India depends on the farmers in a big way. Baisakhi is a festival for the farmers in the country. It is a festival that marks the harvesting of the first Rabi crop or the summer crop. On this day the sound of “Jatta Aayi Baisakhi” echoes in the sky. 

For the Sikhs besides being the new year, they celebrate this festival by doing Nagar kirtans, visiting local gurudwaras, fairs, etc. where they pray for prosperity and happiness for the new year. , it also serves as a day having a history in the religion. As on this day, there was the birth of Khalsa Panth by the tenth Guru of Sikhs Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji on Vaisakhi of the year 1699. 

On the day of Vaisakhi, the Jallianwala bagh incident happens. This massacre of Jillian Vala bagh was the major massacre that proved to be an influential event in the independence movement of India. On this day in jallian wala bagh, the British General Dyer fired on the crowd of people that had gathered in jallianwala bagh. This led to the death of thousands of people there and in memory of them there the jallian wala bagh is preserved as it is along with some modern structures that are built in order to preserve their memories.

Baisakhi is also celebrated in the other parts of the world like Canada, home to a large Sikh community where they participate in the Nagar kirtans, Pakistan which is home to some Sikhs, and Manhattan in the US observes the festival of Baisakhi with utmost zeal and enthusiasm. The Sikh community even serves free food to the local people there. London is known to have the largest Sikh community in the United Kingdom. Birmingham City Council helps with the coordination to hold Nagar kirtans in South Hall. Thousands are attracted by this, who eventually help the community celebrate Baisakhi in their own way.

One of the other major reasons for remembering Baisakhi is the execution of Guru Tegh Bahadur. He was executed for not giving in to the demand of Aurangzeb, the Mughal Emperor, to convert into Islam. Thus, the tenth Sikh Guru was crowned and the Khalsa Panth was formed. The ripening of the Rabi crop and its first harvest is marked by the festival. Baisakhi is also considered as the Sikh new year. People wish each other a happy and prosperous new year with the harvested crops that are in abundance.

3) Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Remembrance Day

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Remembrance Day is an annual event in India celebrated on 14th April in memory of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. The importance of this day is that Babasaheb Ambedkar was born on 14th April 1891. Since 2015 it has been celebrated as an official public holiday all over India by the Indian government. He was a politician, economist, Indian jurist and social reformer who fought for the downtrodden section of society and campaigned against social discrimination be it any form. His most important work is that he is considered the founding father of our constitution.

The two most important places where masses gather on this day to pay tribute to him are Chaitya Bhoomi in Mumbai and Deeksha Bhoomi in Nagpur. It is a tradition that essential leaders of the nation pay tribute to him in their own different ways. In different parts of India, many peoples visit local statues to pay tribute to their beloved leader. This day has great significance as it reminds all the Indian citizens of the contributions made by of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar to fight for the equal rights of marginalized sections of society. He was a visionary who was the main architect in drafting the Indian Constitution.

Do you know who was the country’s first Law and Justice minister?

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar was the first Law and Justice Minister.

It has become a custom to pay homage to the statue of Babasaheb’s Ambedkar at the Parliament of India in New Delhi. In the year 1990, he was rewarded with the Bharat Ratna award. He was one of the most qualified persons in the constituent assembly of India. He achieves degrees from University of Mumbai (BA), Columbia University (MA, PhD, LL.D.), London School of Economics (MSc, DSC), Gray’s Inn (Barrister-at-Law)

Contribution for India

B.R. Ambedkar was a multi-talented individual. He was a politician, a lawyer, an economist, a social reformer and most importantly a true leader for the very oppressed. Ambedkar was also a key force behind every movement which was organized to fight discrimination and injustice. His sole motto in life was to eradicate the myriad inequalities that were prevalent in society. At that time when the concept of equality was almost non-existent that time he stood for justice for every oppressed person. Ambedkar’s knowledge and wisdom make India’s constitution one of the longest and most well-written constitutions of the world.

4) National Civil Service Day 2024

Civil servants of the country form the backbone of administration and citizen service. They dedicate their lives to good work and work dedicated to empowering the people of the country. Many civil servants are known for their contributions and tireless work in ensuring that the standards of life for the people of the country are made better. They work, day and night, to ensure that we get what we need for a good life. Without their contributions, we will be lost. Hence, every year, National Civil Service Day is observed to honour the achievements of the civil servants and acknowledge their efforts in ensuring that the people of the country are safe and happy. As we gear up to celebrate the special day, here are a few things that we must remember.

After India became independent, the first batch of civil servants of the country were addressed by Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel. In this inspiring speech dedicated to the civil servants of the country, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel referred to them as steel frame of India. In 1947, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel announced that National Civil Service Day will be observed every year to honour the contributions of the civil servants for the country. In Vigyan Bhavan, on April 21, 2006. The first National Civil Services Day was observed. Since then, the day is observed every year on the same day.


The nation’s development and prosperity depend heavily on the work of the civil servants of the country. This day serves as a reminder of the hard work done by them to ensure a good life for everyone. It also acknowledges the effort of the civil servants.

5) Ram Navami

6) Proud Moment

Abhishek group of institutions*
The MRSPTU Board of education is all set to declare the much awaited results for the academic exams for Ist, third and fifth semester declared BCA result on 3 April BBA result of 4 April and B.COM result on 9 April of Abhishek Group of Institution’s .In this regard the results has been very excellent , Mannat of Ist semester BCA has got first position, Angrej is second position and Chhaya is on third position As well as Vijay Kumar of 3rd semester BCA has secured first position, Akash got 2nd position and Pardeep is on 3rd position on the other hand Parveena Rani of 5th semester BCA has secured first position, Kiran is second position and amandeep secured 3rd position Along with Ramandeep of Ist semester BBA has got first position Gurdeep Kumar of 3rd semester BBA has secured first position As well as Mukesh Kumar of 5th semester BBA has got first position, harsh is on second position and gagandeep secured 3rd position . Sonia Rani of 3rd semester B.com has secured first position, Anju Devi has secured 2nd place, while Jiya of 5th Semester B.com. has secured first position, Shilpa is second position and Sonu has secured 3rd position. The chairman of the college, Ramneek Middha and Abhishek Middha have congratulated the students and all the staff for this wonderful success. They said that this success is due to the hard work of the staff and students.

7) “To Keep the body in good health is a duty”

8) Focus

9) Mahaveer Jayanti